If you decide to Foster a dog, or take a dog on permanently, from Cats N Dogs A.A. then you will need to know the following information.

When viewing a dog at the sanctuary the dog will be really excited and boisterous, when you meet, possibly running around with glee, jumping up etc., this is not the normal behaviour of the dog, but joy and excitement at being out of the kennel and with people.

When you take the dog home, it will take a period of between 7 to 10 days to get into a routine, and to get to know each other. This does not happen overnight, it takes time, understanding and patience. Many rescue dogs have been cruelly treated, beaten with a mop or a broom or the pipe of a vacumn cleaner. When you use these things for the first time the dog, may cower, put its tail between its legs and hide. Eventually he will get to know that you are not going to hurt him and the fear will subside. Sometimes it can take months, years even, to gain the dogs total affection and trust. Sometimes you may need to house train the dog, as when a dog is locked in a kennel he cannot let anyone know when he needs to go to the toilet. This does not take long, about a week, never shout at the dog if he has an accident, just tell him No and show him outside where it is ok to go. You can buy training pads from your vet, which help tremendously.

Believe me when I say that it is worth the perseverance and the patience as once you have gained their trust you will have found the most faithful companion that you could ever wish for.

All you need is love to give and all they need is love and kindness and a routine

You will need the following items;-

  • Dog Collar and Lead (short Lead to start with)
  • Identity Tag
  • Bed or blanket, or towels
  • Food, such as Bon Menu
  • Safety restrainer. This is a safety belt made for dogs used for travelling in the car.
  • Water and Food Dish

Treats for training (Reward good behaviour)

If you foster a dog from us we will provide you with a starter pack, similar to the list above.

We are always available at the end of the telephone to guide you through any problems.

All our dogs are taken on a two week trial period, and if at the end of that time you decide the dog is not right for you then we will take the dog back. If you decide to keep the dog then the relevant paperwork must be done and the dog will need to be chipped in your name.

If the dog is fostered then they will be chipped in the name of one of the committee members name.

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