In Loving Memory



Louie - I left the door open and waited all night for you to come home, you never arrived. You were just two years old and you lost your life tragically that night in February, it broke my heart to loose you. Goodnight my friend.

RIP Louie, you will never be forgotten

John x


You were just two an a half years old, after a life in kennels you had found Ivan and Beverley, your lovely foster parents.YOu were so loved by them and us. You were struck down by a mystery illness and died in our arms, it was 5:38am 6th January 2015. we will always miss you special boy RIP

Irene, Hilary, Ivan and Beverley 6th January 2015 xxxx 

Rocky -

You looked into my eyes and told me your time had come. It was late on January 2nd 2015, you went for your last walk as normal before going to bed for the night, I lay with you for a while, but you wanted me to go. You died that night. We loved you Rocky RIP

Irene, Chris and the Dog Walkers  2nd January 2015 xxxxxx


Tula -

Our lovely Tula passed away on Saturday 28th June 2014, she had found love at last with Fatima, after her life of misery. Fatima gave her all the TLC she could and tried her best to save her, but to no avail and she died in Fatima's arms, the person that loved her. RIP Tula you are sadly missed and will always have a place in our hearts.

Fatima and Irene 28th June 2014


Bagpuss -

You lost your fight on May 22nd 2014, you came through so much injury after your owners left you on the street. Rescued by Hilary and then fostered by Margaret, you became ill with Ringworm and in the end you couldnt fight it any more. You were really special and we all loved you. RIP Little one you will always be remembered.

Irene, Hilary and Margaret  22/05/2014


Tammy -

I am so sorry. You were left by your owner as she was going back to the UK. We couldnt find you a home and you were lonely in the cattery. Then Alan and Jan said they would foster you, they really loved you, but you became ill, you found happiness just too late. I think you died of a broken heart. RIP Little one, I feel that I let you down

Irene Alan and Janet 11th May 2014


2003 - 2013

Cadbury -

We have no photograph of you but we have a place in our hearts that will always be yours. You were a faithful friend to us and you will be sadly missed. RIP Good Night, God Bless. xxxx. 

Nick and Audrey 10/06/2013


Loved and cared for by Sue for the last chapter of her life, lavished with love and kindness, passed away on 22nd March 2013. Sally will be in our hearts forever. She was a very brave girl who recovered from a terrible ordeal. R.I.P our lovely girl, Good Night, God Bless,

Susan, Andy, Irene and Chris  xxxxx

Frankie -

Rescued by David on 22nd November 2012, happy at last to be loved and cared for, Frankie suddenly died on Christmas day, 25 December 2012, whilst David was in UK for just four days. You were a beautiful boy and you wiil be missed. RIP Frankie

David, Irene and the Dog Walkers


After a bad start in his little life, Alfie found his forever home with Jackie, he lived with Jackie for nearly 12 months, then on Christmas day 25 December 2012, sadly he died in Jackie's arms.

Alfie will always be in our hearts. R.I.P

Jackie and Irene



Rosy was abandoned at 8 years old. She was found with her friend Willow, unfortunately she was unwell and the vets found tumours on her liver.
 We didn’t know you for long Rosie, but we fell in love with you on sight. Rosy Passed away June 6th 2012. RIP our lovely sweet girl.

 Jan, Kim, Irene and Chris


Oro (Frankie)-

This beautiful boy was found when he was a puppy in a paper bag in a field. He spent 12 months in kennels and then six weeks with Susan while she was in Spain on holiday. He was later adopted by Hild, and had a lovely life with her. He became ill at a very young age and passed away 4th June 2012 – RIP Frankie in our hearts forever

Hild and Irene



This gorgeous girl was brought up by a group of people, she was looked after and cared for by all of them, slowly they went back to their own countries and Lady was put in kennels. She was happy there and finally adopted in August 2012, unfortunately after a few weeks someone threw poison over the fence of her home and she died. Lady passed away September 2012. RIP our lovely lady, you are always in our hearts

Irene and the dog walkers


Mischca -

This lovely female ferel cat was nursed back to health by us. When she was returned to her colony she lost her life tragically. We will always remember our brave little girl in our lives for such a short while.

Pauline and Mike









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