Success Stories


Lily- This lovely dog was finally re-homed in the UK. She had Leishmania, we helped with the treatment for this and she was able to travel to the UK 

July 2015

Leo - The lovely Leo also spent two years with us, he is such a precious dog, and is re-homed to two very special people, Mike and Tina from Quesada. What a lucky boy he is.


Cushtee - After spending two years with us this lovely boy was re-homed to Keeley in San Fulgencia. She adores him and he adores her, such a loving boy. A very special boy loved by all who meet him.


Kiki - This lovely dog was re-homed in November 2015 to Ron and Victor from San Luis, she is a very happy dog and is loved very much. she recently had an operation to remove a lump from her tail, which all went well.



Success - Bonnie has been re-homed to a lady in Benidorm thanks to Bridgitta and Impact Charity.


Success - Taylor has been re-homed with Donna and family and lives with his sibling Sally.  28/02/2014

Success - Dora has been re-homed thanks to Peter Singh.  Good luck in your new home Dora.  07/03/2014

Trufa This little love was found in the street at one month old.  She was rescued by a lady that has now gone back to her own country, leaving this six month old kitten with a neighbour.  The neighbour is allergic to cats and can only keep her for a short while, so we need to find her a home as soon as we can. 12/02/2014

Success - Trufa has been re-homed to Debs.

Maisie - This lovely Podenco type dog is looking for a new home or a foster home.She has a very sweet nature and loves people, she is also very good with other dogs.She is about 3 years old and has been spayed.

Success - Maisie has been re-homed with Linda in Cabo Roig.  Thank you Linda for being such a lovely lady and falling in love with our Maisie.  14/02/2014


Tiggy - has been adopted by Jackie, Thankyou Jackie 04/02/2014



Sally- Just 8 months old, female, looking for a loving home. rescued from a drainpipe, spaying and all injections completed. 

Success - Sally has been adopted by Donna and her family 04/02/2014. 

Ron  - is just two years old and medium in size.  He has a lovely nature and would love to find a forever home as soon as possible.

Success - Ron is to be re-homed in the UK thanks to Kim 04/02/2013.

 Pepino - Pepino's owner died suddenly and a friend put him into kennels for safe keeping, he was there for eight weeks, he came to us two weeks ago and we are looking for a new home for him.  He is a quiet, well behaved, clean dog who just wants to be loved.  All injections have been done. 

Success - Pepino is being adopted by Pam in Quesada 04/02/2014. 

Amber - is a Labrador Type Dog, She has a lovely nature Her owner is not well and cannot look after her any more She is in Kennels at the moment and she needs to find a home as soon as possible. She is about 18 months old, she has a full passport and she has been spayed 

Update - Amber is out on trial with Lynn and Dave and so far so good!

Success - Amber is being adopted by Lynn and Dave 04/02/2014. 

 Soldier - Just 8 months  old, male, looking for a loving home. Rescued from a drainpipe, spaying and all injections completed. 

Success - Soldier has been re-homed to Lee and his family in Los Montesinos.  He has settled down very well and loved by all the family.  22-12-2013 

Pedro - was picked up from a field, he was starving and tested positive for Leish, Elena, one of the vets from Veterpet that was treating him, fell in love with him.  She has adopted him and named him Sir Robert.  She also paid for all his treatment.


Dolly - was found by a lovely lady called Susie who help up the traffic to save her from certain death.

Success - Dolly now called Trixie has been re-homed to Karen, I think it was love at first sight for both of them.

Aurora - This lovely dog is a Spanish Water Dog Cross, she is just two years old.She is chipped and all vaccinations are up to date. She is good with children and other dogs. She is 24inches long x 18 inches tall to shoulder.

Success - Aurora has been adopted and now lives in Devon thanks to Kim.

Asbo  - His owners went back to the UK and asked us to find a new home for this 8 year old dog.

Success - We are pleased to say that Asbo has been rehomed with Maria and has settled in very nicely. 16/12/2013

 LEO - This little dog had been run over when we found him. now recovered from his ordeal, he is still afraid of men. He needs someone who can build his confidence and give him lots of tlc.

Success - Re Homed to Reg Christopher, who has sent us regular updates and videos. Leo is now walking tall ! no longer living in fear.

Bonbon - Is an eight year old, Cocker Spaniel. He loves to be with people. He is super loyal and will make someone a lovely pet. He is a great dog and loves his home comforts. Walks well on the lead

Success - Bonbon is very happy with Mrs Lee, who loves him so much.  She has paid out a lot of money for treatment for him as he needed lots of teeth removing, our thanks go to Mrs Lee, she has changed his name to Bobbie.  16/09/2013

Cassie is- a Collie Type dog, she is very clever, and learns very quickly. She has a lovely nature and loves people. She is looking for a forever home, no longer wanted by her owners, she is looking for love.he is in very good health. She loves to go for a walk and will make a lovely loyal pet

Success - Cassie is now in her forever home with Eileen from La Siesta, they are so happy together.  20/10/2013

Benni – Rescued from his life on a chain, lonely and neglected, he spent his time chewing stones and hiding in the bushes. He is just a small little boy about three years old, loves to be cuddled and happy to be loved. He needs a special person to love him forever and give him the life he deserves. He is castrated and he has had all his injections.

Success - Benni is now happy with his new family, Marion and Mike, he now has playmates, Trixie, Misty and Brandy and he is so happy.   26/09/2013


Scamp -This is Scamp and he just wants to be loved. Abandoned twice in his 2 1/2 years this lovable, medium sized dog  is looking for a forever home. He has a lovely nature and gets on well with other dogs and cats.

Success - Scamp has been adopted today by Bosse and Ylva in Calpe, he has found a new friend called Nalle. He is enjoying his new life with a big garden to run and play with Nalle.                 18/06/2013


Madge - This lovely Podenco, female was found starving in the campo.She is now back to full health, she is about 12 months old, very loving, walks well on the lead and loves to be cuddled.

Success - Madge has been re homed with Dave, Anna and Saul in Catral, she has settled down with her new friend Della. How lucky is she?       17/06/2013


Bella -  is a Labrador, she is about 8 years old, she has the most beautiful nature and is a pleasure to be with. She has to watch her weight but other than that she is no trouble at all.

Success - Bella has been adopted by Mike and Tina in Quesada, she has already lost 2 kilo's and is able to run again. Nice One Bella !        14/06/2013 


Jimmy - A Spanish lady contacted us and asked us to find her dog a new home as she could not look after him anymore due to a change in circumstances

Success - Jimmy now called Jamie has been re homed with Dorothy and is settling down nicely.



Choco - This lovely little 8 week old puppy is looking for a forever home, dumped in a gateway with his sister at 5 weeks, now thriving and looking for love.

Success - The person who found this lovely puppy has managed to find him a home        04/06/2013 


Chilla - This lovely little 8 week old puppy is looking for a forever home, dumped in a gateway with her brother at 5 weeks, now thriving and looking for love.

Success - The person who found this lovely puppy has managed to find him a home        04/06/2013


Tinker and Mojo - These two lovely kittens have been re homed to Irene and Alan and her they are getting on well together.       30/05/2013


Kittens - These two beautiful kittens were nursed back to full health, by Dave and Jan in Benijofer. They were re homed last week to Mo who works in Joe the Cat Mans Shop         01/06/2013


Sid & Manny - Are two very sweet cats (brothers), born (approx. because they were found ) 01/09/2011, they have been castrated. They are very sweet with each other and with people

Success - Thes two lovely cats re homed with Wyn in San Luis and they have settled in very quickly. 25/05/2013


Holly- This lovely dog was found abandoned, starving, too weak to walk.She was just skin and bones. She is friendly with other dogs, but shy with people. She is a quick learner and will make someone a lovely pet. Could anyone foster this dog or give her a permanent home ?

Success - This lovely dog has been found a new home, thanks to Sally     20/05/2013


Dodolain - is seven years old. She is a Dobermann. She is a sweet thing that keeps herself to herself and comes for a fuss first thing in the morning and then does her own thing all day. She is very shy, timid and a bit of a girlie. She will make a brilliant pet and is good with children. Owners returning to UK, this dog desperately needs a new home 

Success - Dodolain has been re homed and has settled down very nicely with his new owners 10/03/2013


Tiny Tim - After a very severe illness, Tiny Tim had his first perfect blood test today, we are all so pleased for him. Well done little man !

Success -   Also today he was adopted into his forever home with Phil and Paula Gabriel. 28/02/2013


 Roxy- is a charming twelve month old puppy, abandoned on the streets, she has been spade and is fully vaccinated.She gets on well with other dogs and children. She loves a cuddle and would love to find a new loving home.

Success - Roxy has been re homed today with a lovely couple and we wish them all a very happy future together 01/03/2013 


Lucy - This lovely girl was found alone and hungry, she is about nine weeks old and loves company. She has been vaccinated and wormed. Could you give this little girl a home ?

Success - This lovely kitten has been re homed, thanks to Lesley 7/01/2013


Madison - Was born at the beginning of September, he has been vaccinated and wormed, he loves to play and is very friendly. Can you find room on your lap for this little guy

Success - This lovely kitten was re homed thanks to Lesley 07/01/2013

Small Dog -  This lovely 2 year old small male dog is looking for a new home urgently. His owners are returning to the UK in January. He has been castrated and he is very friendly.

Success - This dog has now been re homed by his owner 07/01/2013

Luki - This lovely 7month old boy was found abandoned at a petrol station, he was exremely frightened of people. He is now safe and is looking for a new loving home. He is a really loving dog who just loves to cuddle

Success - Luki has definately found his forever home with Eileen from Quesada. Be happy little Luki x 12/12/2012

Jerri Lee - This lovely kitten has had a bad start in life, he was shot with an air rifle and left to suffer. Now fully recovered he is looking for a new loving home 

Success - Jerry Lee has been re homed to Jim and Lesley. He loves his new home already 20/11/2012

Goldie & Casper - These lovely puppies are looking for a new home, they are about 6 weeks old Both from the same litter, of five, all found abandoned.

Success Goldie has been re homed with Mary,she has changed her name to Millie 24/12/2012

Success Casper has been re homed with Paul 10/01/2013

Emmy- Emmy is a female Mastin/Boxer type dog. She is 8 months old and has had all her vaccinations. Emmy is good with other dogs and loves people. She is looking for a new loving home.

SuccessEmmy has joined Marley in his new home, she gets on well with the other dogs and John and Jane are pleased to have found her too. 7/12/2012

Marley - Marley is a little nervous when you first meet him, but as soon as he knows you he is fine. He is about 2 Years old. He is castrated. Quite a big dog, loves fuss. He is looking for a new loving home. His owner has had to move and cannot take him. 

Success Marley has found a new home with John and Jane and he also has two new playmates. They have all settled down together and Marley is very happy at last. 07/12/2012

Frankie - This lovely dog was found wandering the streets. Tired and lonely, he was rescued by a lovely lady who fed him every night at her gate. He is about 12 months old with a very loving nature

Success - Frankie has been re homed with David 22/11/2012

Update -  Sadly Frankie contracted Parvo Virus and died suddenly on 24/12/2012

Lady web

Lady - Lady  is a brown and white Podenco. She walks well on the lead and just loves people. She is very gentle and loves fuss, she is about 12 months old and  is looking for a loving home.

Success - Lady is on trial with Dorothy, 15/11/2012

Update - Lady has been adopted by Alan from San Luis, He loves her so much already and she is truly happy. 09/04/2013
















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